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The present invention relates to an electronic gaming machine, in which after a game is executed by betting playing mediums such as tokens, the number of playing mediums to be paid is determined in response to the result of game. The electronic gaming machine includes a plurality of reels, and when the reels stop, one of plural symbols printed around each reel is stopped on a stop line. On the reels, a numerical and a non-numerical symbol are indicated together, and when the reels stop, an internal control unit judges the kind of symbols stopped on the stop line and the content of the numerical values. When the symbols on the stop line are all associated with the numerical values, the control unit substitutes the numerical values into a predetermined operational equation to execute the operation, and thereby determines the number of tokens to be paid in response to the operation result. The numerical values stopped on the stop line and the operation result are displayed and the operation process and operation result are disclosed to the player.

Electronic gaming machine
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April 27, 1992
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April 27, 1993
Masahiro Hamano
Jordan and Hamburg
Takasago Electric
G07F 17/34
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