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An arrangement for attaching a suture to a bone includes a device which has an elongate body having first and second ends, a central portion, and a longitudinal axis extending through the ends. A suture is attached to the central portion of the body at a point which is offset from the longitudinal axis so that, when the device is placed in a hole in the bone and a force having a component acting in a direction which is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the device is applied to the suture, the device will rotate causing the ends to engage the bone and prevent removal of the device and suture from the hole. The ends of the device are preferably formed as sharp points. One embodiment is formed from a continuous length of stainless steel rod which is bent into a 360.degree. loop. A novel method of using the device to secure a suture to a bone includes forming a hole which extends through a cortical layer of the bone and into a cancellous portion of the bone to a depth which at least equals the length of the device. The device and attached suture are inserted into the hole such that the outwardly facing end of the device is disposed inwardly of the inner cortical wall of the bone. Pulling the suture causes the device to rotate such that the ends penetrate the relatively soft cancellous portion of the bone and come to rest substantially adjacent the inner wall of the relatively hard cortical bone so as to secure the suture in place.

Suture retaining arrangement
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November 19, 1990
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April 20, 1993
Kevin Stone
Niles Noblitt
Mountain Lakes
Barnes & Thornburg
A61B 17/00
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