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A combustion apparatus comprises: a large-diameter sleeve-like element forming an incoming passage through which an air/fuel mixture gas flows in a predetermined direction; at least one small-diameter sleeve-like element disposed in the incoming passage, which small-diameter sleeve-like element forms an outgoing passage through which a combustion gas having been issued from the incoming passage flows in a direction counter to the above predetermined direction; an air/fuel mixing unit for issuing the air/fuel mixture gas under a predetermined pressure to a main incoming port located in an upstream side of the incoming passage; an auxiliary incoming unit for issuing a combustion gas produced by a pilot burner to the upstream side of the incoming passage prior to supplying the air/fuel mixture gas to the incoming passage; and a combustion-gas outlet port for discharging the combustion gas having passed through the outgoing passage, which combustion-gas outlet port communicates with an outlet opening of the outgoing passage.

Combustion apparatus
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December 23, 1991
Publication Date
April 20, 1993
Saburo Maruko
Armstrong Westerman Hattori McLeland & Naughton
Nippon Chemical Plant Consultant
F23D 11/44
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