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A device for causing the steering wheel of a video-based vehicle simulator to selectively vibrate during predetermined periods of the video sequence includes a frame which is rigidly attached to the steering wheel. A cylindrical electrical motor is mounted on the frame, and a first shaft is attached to one base of the motor and extends outwardly from the motor. Also, a second shaft is attached to and extends outwardly from the other base of the motor, and the second shaft is coaxial with the first shaft. The two shafts can be rotated by the rotor of the motor. Each shaft has a weight attached to the shaft. These weights are attached to their respective shafts radially asymmetrically with respect to the axis of the shafts. One weight is attached to its shaft on one side of the axis of the shafts, and the other weight is attached to its shaft on the side of the axis which is opposite from the first weight. A microprocessor is electrically connected to the motor to selectively energize the motor during predetermined periods of the game sequence. When the motor is energized, the rotation of the weights causes the motor to vibrate. The vibration of the motor is transferred through the frame to the steering wheel.

Shaker control device
Application Number
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March 21, 1991
Publication Date
April 20, 1993
Milton H Loper III
Mountain View
Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear
Atari Games Corporation
A63B 71/04
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