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An exercise suit which has a pair of stretchable pants (20) and a pull-over top (44) with a lower-body reinforcing segment (38) attached, in the middle only, to the pants and an upper-body reinforcing collar (54) attached, in the middle only, to the top. A leg band (58) encircles the legs (24), and side bands (58) are affixed to the reinforcing collar. The leg bands (42) grip the wearer's feet, creating a continuous loop from the waist to the feet. Hook-and-loop tapes (40) allow the reinforcing segment (38) to be adjusted in tension around the wearer's waist and similarly adjustable knee pads (32) cover the knees in the pants legs (24). The resilience of the suit and the looped bands create a resistance to movement which provides exercise to the wearer's muscles during physical activity. Exercise short pants (60) are also provided which provide elongatable resistive bands (80, 82) which meet at the vertical midline of the back of the short pants and spiral downwardly across the buttocks and around the backs of the thighs of the wearer to end at the leg openings. In an alternative embodiment, exercise short pants (60') employ resistive bands (80', 82') reversed back-to-front in location on the short pants as well as a low-back panel (84) in the shape of an upright "V" attached by elastic at the vertical midline of the back of the shorts and having first and second hook-and-loop tabs (90, 92) at the free ends thereof which mate with tabs (94, 96) on the sides of the waistband to provide adjustable resistance to motion.

Exercise suit with resilient reinforcing
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December 30, 1991
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April 13, 1993
Timothy P Dicker
11359 Dornfield, Lakeview Terrace
Cislo & Thomas
A41D 13/00
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