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A lightweight armor lining for use in projecting objects such as vessels and like craft from high speed projectiles includes an extended sheet-like body having a weight of less than eight (8) pounds per square foot and having an inner strike surface being positioned away from the object to be protected in order to receive incoming projectiles. A first layer of woven fabric material is carried at a position adjacent the outer strike surface layer and a second layer of material is carried internally of the woven layer between the outer strike and an inner attachment surface. A third layer of energy absorbent material is positioned adjacent the inner attachment surface and interfaces with the second fabric layer.

Composite lightweight bullet proof panel for use on vessels, aircraft and the like
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January 23, 1989
Publication Date
April 6, 1993
C R Dunbar
5325 Chambord Dr., Greenwell Springs, 70739
Pravel Gambrell Hewitt Kimball & Krieger
B32B 3/26
B32B 7/02
E06B 9/00
B63G 9/00
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