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A system for isolating a dump sitting on the ground has three different structures which are installed under the dump sequentially, as needed. The first structure includes a tunnel driven longitudinally through the ground underneath the dump and an array of drainage pipes passing through the ground and each having a lower end opening into the tunnel and an upper end at the surface. The second structure includes a water barrier in the ground around at least some of the drainage pipes. The third structure includes a water-impervious mass of backfill in a slit underneath the barrier and having a lower end at the tunnel and an upper end at the surface.

System for isolating a dump
Application Number
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June 5, 1991
Publication Date
April 6, 1993
Roland Paurat
Blumenstrasse 11, D-4230 Wesel 13
Friedrich W Paurat
Kasselweg 29, D-4230 Wesel 1
Andrew Wilford
Herbert Dubno
B09B 1/00
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