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A device for extraction of coffee contained in a cartridge has a sealing member, an injector member, a cartridge holder member and a tightening ring member. The sealing member has a surface which has a size sufficient to overlay and cover a surface of a cartridge containing coffee to be extracted. The injector member extends through the sealing member and sealing member surface and has outlets disposed for directing water ejected from the injector at an ascending angle with respect to the sealing member surface. The holder member has a first portion for enveloping and containing sides of a cartridge for supporting a cartridge, for enabling positioning a cartridge surface adjacent the sealing member surface and for enabling fluid-tight sealing of an edge of the cartridge surface to the sealing member surface. The holder also has a base having openings for enabling extracted coffee to flow out of the holder. Lugs extend from the holder to engage with ramps of the tightening ring to support the holder and to effect a fluid-tight seal between the cartridge and the sealing member surface.

Apparatus for extracting cartridges containing coffee
Application Number
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Application Date
July 2, 1991
Publication Date
March 30, 1993
Olivier Fond
Vogt & O Donnell
A47J 31/06
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