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An apparatus for removing introduced or exhaled from the mouth and nose area of a patient via a suction device is disclosed. The apparatus includes a first flexible and hollow cylinder having one closed end and one open end and a plurality of small openings grouped together in a central portion of the first cylinder. The open end is attachable to the suction device. The second flexible and hollow cylinder is attachable to the operating table for supporting the first cylinder. A flexible tube extends through the second cylinder to provide rigidity and malleability to the second cylinder. The first cylinder is coupled to the second cylinder.

Apparatus for evacuating excess gases from surgery patients face
Application Number
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Application Date
December 31, 1991
Publication Date
March 23, 1993
Sunny Rosso
623 Redwood Ave., Corte Madera, 94925
Limbach & Limbach
A62B 9/04
A61M 16/00
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