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An apparatus and method for conserving water and reducing labor in growing plants, particularly commercially grown tomatoes and cucumbers. The invention includes a reservoir container assembly and an arch support structure. The reservoir container assembly comprises a reservoir container capable of holding water as well as a bag container disposed on top of the reservoir container for holding a plant growing medium. Water in the reservoir container is connected via a hydroscopic medium to the growing medium inside the bag container. The top surface of the bag container is provided with at least two openings. A plant grows through one opening, and evaporation takes place through a second remote opening. In use, a plurality of such reservoir container assemblies may be disposed in a line in a field and a series of arch support structures disposed between them. The plants which grow out of the bag containers and over the arch support structure are thereby supported off the ground. Plants grown in this way do not need to be manually tied to any support structure. They are easily tended, weeded, sprayed and picked.

Plant cultivation apparatus and method
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July 2, 1990
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March 16, 1993
Blake Whisenant
P.O. Box 207 - Hwy. 62, Parrish, 34219
Cushman Darby & Cushman
A01G 27/00
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