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The disclosed circuit for actuating headlights has two time delay circuits, an AND gate, a power relay, and connections for appropriate installation to the circuitry of the automobile. When windshield wipers are operated, a pulse of the windshield wiper motor causes the first time delay circuit and the second time delay circuit to run timing cycles. The timing cycle of the first circuit is shorter than the timing cycle of the second circuit, and the first circuit is restarted with each pulse of the windshield wiper motor. Each timing delay unit has an output signal which is a logical "one" when a cycle is being run and a logical "zero" when a cycle is not being run. When the AND gate receives logical zeros from the second time delay circuit, and logical ones from the first time delay circuit, windshield wipers are in use and the headlights and parking lights are switched on. A daylight detection circuit may be incorporated to provide safe use of the unit in dusk hours. When the windshield wipers are switched off, the daylight detector will not allow the headlights to be switched off along with the windshield wipers unless it receives 21/2 minutes of uninterrupted daylight. Filtering circuitry is provided which prevents the possibility of interference or roughness in the power supplied by the engine interfering with the operation of the device.

Headlight actuator associated with windsheild wiper actuation having delay circuits and daylight detection
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November 6, 1990
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February 16, 1993
Anthony Fico
22 Sheridan Ave., Apt. 5B, Mount Vernon, 10550
Alfonse Taccetta
One Bonnie Briar Rd., Yonkers, 10710
Lilling & Lilling
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