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A device for use in an analyzer is described comprising a plurality of receptacles which are arranged in a single row and into which containers of different length and diameter containing a liquid can easily be inserted.

For this purpose, the device is provided with holding elements at different levels along a side for insertable platforms transversing the receptacles and mounting means along the upper edge for an insertable adapter covering the openings of the receptacles.

The holding elements and the mounting means are partly designed as positioning means and/or as latch means. Within the receptacles platform and the bottom in base of device have a ramp and the exterior wall is provided with a recess at the upper edge.

Furthermore, a carrying means comprising a handle with a cam and a support is arranged at an end face of device.

Due to this design of the device, the openings of the containers are aligned in a predetermined position above the upper edge and, thus, containers having differing rims and/or sealing members can easily be scanned and processed. Moreover, the carrying means, in connection with a widened base, guarantees failsafe handling of the containers inside and outside the analyzer.

Device comprising a plurality of receptacles arranged in a single row for containers filled with a liquid
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July 18, 1991
Publication Date
February 16, 1993
Walter Heissler
Dana M Schmidt
Eastman Kodak Company
A47F 7/00
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