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A microstructure-bearing composite plastic article can be superior, both in microstructure and in physical properties, when it is a composite of a tough, flexible substrate, at a surface of which is microstructure formed of a cured oligomeric resin having hard segments and soft segments, which cured resin is substantially confined to the microstructure portion of the composite. Such a composite plastic article can be made by depositing an uncured oligomeric resin composition onto a master negative molding surface, filling the cavities by moving a bead of the composition between a substrate and the master, and curing the deposited composition by ultraviolet radiation while keeping the temperature during curing from rising not more than about 30.degree. C. above a typical use temperature of the finished composite plastic article. Alternatively, instead of regulating the temperature during curing, the article can be made by limiting the resin composition to an amount which does not protrude above the cavities by more than 20% of the cavity depth.

Method of molding microstructure bearing composite plastic articles
Application Number
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February 25, 1991
Publication Date
February 2, 1993
Shih Lai Lu
St. Paul
Steven E Skolnick
Walter N Kirn
Gary L Griswold
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
B29D 11/00
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