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In response to a data processor (10) breaking a wireless link with a first, original, link adapter (12) a first step deletes the data processor from an active group of the first link adapter and re-directs network datagrams intended for the data processor to a spooler. In response to the data processor subsequently establishing a link with a second, new, link adapter a next step adds the data processor to the active group associated with the second link adapter and transmits stored datagrams in a First In/First Out order from the spooler to the second link adapter for transmission to the data processor. In response to the storage device transmitting all of the stored datagrams to the second link adapter the method includes the further steps of terminating the re-direction of datagrams from the first link adapter to the storage device and, receiving, from the network with the second link adapter, further datagrams addressed to the data processor.

Handoff method and apparatus for mobile wireless workstation
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
October 29, 1990
Publication Date
January 19, 1993
Colin G Harrison
Perman & Green
International Business Machines Corporation
H04L 12/28
H04B 7/26
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