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In a conductive connecting structure for electrically connecting first and second electronic parts each having a plurality of connecting terminals arranged at a small pitch, a conductive bonding agent is interposed between the plurality of connecting terminals of the first and second electronic parts. The conductive agent is prepared by mixing a plurality of fine connecting particles in an insulating adhesive. Each fine connecting particle is designed such that a fine conductive particle or a fine insulating particle with a plating layer formed on its surface is covered with an insulating layer consisting of a material which is broken upon thermocompression bonding. When the conductive bonding agent is subjected to thermocompression bonding between the connecting terminals of the first and second electronic parts, portions of the fine connecting particles which are urged by the respective fine connecting terminals are broken. However, the insulating layers of the fine connecting particles in the planar direction are not broken and remain as they are. In this conductive connecting structure, even if the ratio of fine connecting particles is increased, and adjacent fine connecting particles are brought into contact with each other, insulating properties can be kept in the planar direction, while conduction is obtained only in the direction of thickness.

Conductive bonding agent and a conductive connecting method
Application Number
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June 12, 1991
Publication Date
January 19, 1993
Yoshinori Atsumi
Kazuhiro Sugiyama
Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodard
Casio Computer
H01R 3/00
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