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A corona discharge apparatus includes a corona electrode (K) and a target electrode (M) which is spaced from the corona electrode (K). The electrodes are connected to a d.c. source (2) having a voltage such as to produce a corona discharge on the corona electrode. For the purpose of removing the harmful or irritating gaseous substances generated by the corona discharge, there is provided a suction channel (4), which has an inflow opening or orifice (4a) located in the immediate vicinity of the corona electrode (K). The remainder of the suction channel is delimited in relation to the space (1) housing the corona electrode and the target electrode. Mounted in the suction channel (4) or at a location adjacent the channel opening (4a) is an additional electrode (E), which is connected to an d.c. potential which, in relation to the potential of the corona electrode (K), has the same polarity as the potential of the target electrode (M), so that an ion current will occur from the corona electrode (K) to the additional electrode (E), and therewith give rise to an airflow (8) past the corona electrode (K) and into the suction channel (4), through the channel opening (4a).

Corona discharge arrangements for the removal of harmful substances generated by the corona discharge
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June 10, 1991
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January 19, 1993
Vilmos Torok
Lidingo both of
Andrzej Loreth
Astra Vent
B03C 3/14
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