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A surgical implement (10) for permanently attaching a ligament (L) or a suture to a bone (B). An anchor body (12) is insertable into a pre-drilled hole (H). The outer end of the body is threaded onto a hollow tube (T) which is used to insert the anchor body into the hole. The body has a recess (18) at its inner end for capturing the ligament or suture prior to insertion of the body into the hole. The anchor body has a longitudinally extending bore (14) into which a pin 15 is inserted through the tool. Fins (16a, 16b) on opposite sides of the body extend into the opening in the body but are forced outwardly by the pin as it is inserted in the bore. The fins engage the sidewall of the hole and prevent the anchor body from being dislodged. Because the fins are not pushed outwardly unless the pin is inserted, the anchor body can be trial fit into the hole without it being permanently installed. Thus, if the hole is not suitable, another hole can be drilled and the ligament or suture is permanently attached to the bone only at a suitable site.

Surgical implement
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June 1, 1992
Publication Date
January 5, 1993
James C Y Chow
3001 Carolina St., Mount Vernon, 62864
Polster Lieder Woodruff & Lucchesi
A61B 17/04
A61B 17/56
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