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A surgical instrument having a handpiece; a vibration source within the handpiece for generating mechanical vibrations in response to current supplied thereto; an elongated tool operatively associated with the vibration source and attached to the handpiece at a point where essentially no vibrational motion occurs; the tool extending away from the handpiece to a work site, whereby vibration of the working tip of the tool causes disintegration of hydrated biological material; a motor oberatively associated with the vibration source for rotating the tool and its working tip about its circumference through at least one revolution; a support structure located within the handpiece for mounting said vibration source and capable of independent longitudinal movement relative to the handpiece; a fingergrip for longitudinally reciprocating the support structure and tool towards and away from the work site independently of moving the handpiece; an open portion for irrigating the work site with fluid to assist in withdrawing removed biological material therefrom; and an aspiration system for withdrawing irrigation fluid and removed biological material from the work site. This instrument may also include a telescope for use as an endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator.

Endoscopic ultrasonic rotary electro-cauterizing aspirator
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November 17, 1989
Publication Date
January 5, 1993
David G Wuchinich
New York
Pennie & Edmonds
Sonokinetics Group
A61B 17/36
A61B 17/32
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