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An article, such as a disposable diaper, which includes a refastenable mechanical fastener system for closing and opening the waistband. The fastener comprises a hook and loop system, such as a Velcro.RTM. fastener system, developed for superior performance in fastening the waistband. The hook material of the fastener is molded of a copolymer of polypropylene which has flexural modulus of 70,00-120,00 psi; shore hardness D-40 to D-80 and the hooks are tapered base to tip, alternating hook design, of 0.04-0.05 inch caliper. The hook density in the material is about 740 hooks per inch on 40 rows to the inch on base film of 0.008-0.010 inch thickness. The loop material is a raised loop fabric of polyester fiber, two bar warp knit construction, with napped surface. The fabric is polyethylene terephthalate of basis weight in the range 1.0-3.0 ounce per square yard. The hook material is preferably mounted on the ears of the garment at the rear waistband which attaches to loop material. The loop material is mounted on the front waistband in one form of construction; or is adhesively backed and carried with the hook tabs to the front waistband where it adheres, the hook material being releasable and refastenable. The hook and loop fastener has peel force in the range of about 200-1200 gram per inch of width of fastener and shear of 6.60-20.0 pounds per square inch. In another form of the invention, a separate rear waistband is bonded to the rear margin of the diaper and such waistband has lateral ear portions with tabs of hook material attached. The waistband may be of elastomeric material for snug fit about the waist of the user. There are several other embodiments of diaper construction in the disclosure.

Disposable diaper with improved mechanical fastening system
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February 11, 1991
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January 5, 1993
Bruce M Siebers
Thomas H Roessler
Paul Yee
Kimberly Clark Corporation
A61F 13/20
A61F 13/15
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