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This invention relates to feeding troughs for animals, particularly pigs. The feeding trough has an elongate trough member (10) subdivided by lateral partitions into individual compartments (11). The width (7) of the compartments (11), the height (3) of a front wall (13) of a trough over which the animal's head extends, and a canopy (15, 16) which restricts the space within the compartment into which the animal's head can reach are all designed ergonomically with respect to a range of animals intended to use the trough. The base of the trough is at floor level (18) and the front wall (13) extends from said floor level (18) to a predetermined minimum brisket height (3) of a predetermined smallest size of pig intended to feed. The trough member has an inner front wall (14) which extends angularly downwards and inwards of the trough to terminate at floor level (18) and an inner rear wall (17) which extends angularly downwards to terminate at a predetermined height above floor level at said mean reach. A canopy (15, 16) overlying the trough member and extends inwards and downwards to meet the inner rear wall (17) at the predetermined mean neck angle of the mean weight of pig at a position equal to the maximum nose-to-crown length of the predetermined largest pig. Partitions are spaced along the trough at intervals equal to the maximum shoulder width of the largest pig. Mathematical expressions have been derived to enable the dimensions to be calculated knowing the weight of pig and the height above the floor of the feed.

Feeding trough for animals
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February 2, 1990
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January 5, 1993
Michael R Baxter
Walter J Steinkraus
ACO Polymer Products
A01K 5/00
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