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A receptacle for holding dental burrs comprising a container which includes a container body and a cover. The container body provides a compartment having an open end. At least one dental burr holder is provided in the compartment with the dental burr holder having a plurality of bores terminating in an opening. The dental burr holders are pivotally attached to the container body for pivotal movement between a first position in which the opening of the bores face generally outwardly of the open end of the compartment and a second position in which the openings of the bores are closer to a bottom wall of the container body than in the first position. The container has at least one aperture for providing fluid access to the compartment.

Receptacle for holding dental burrs
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
November 6, 1991
Publication Date
December 22, 1992
Charles A Brewer
105 Via Wazier, Newport Beach, 92660
Gordon L Peterson
B65D 83/10
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