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An oval or elliptical shaped overhead conductor that is twisted along its length to provide a continuously varying profile to the wind. A single core is comprised of a circular center wire wrapped by circular wires and the core is surrounded or encased by one or more layers of wire strands, including strands of different size from that of the core wires. Each layer is helically wound in a direction opposite to the underlying layers. The surrounding strands may be circular, with the strand sizes symmetrically arranged to result in a substantially oval or elliptical cross-section. Alternatively, the strands may be shaped into symmetrically arranged non-circular arcuate cross-sections, which when wound together result in an oval or elliptical conductor cross-section. The core strands are each circular or round wires having the same diameter, with the result that the core is easy and inexpensive to manufacture. The conductor is capable of manufacture in one step by winding the core and outer layers at the same time. A helical winding along the length of the conductor results in altering the profile that is presented to the wind, thereby substantially cancelling wind-induced forces in adjacent conductor segments or regions, thus damping conductor vibrations.

Oval shaped overhead conductor and method for making same
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February 28, 1991
Publication Date
December 15, 1992
Wilber F Powers
George C Myers Jr
Stanley L Tate
James W Wallis Jr
Southwire Company
D07B 1/06
H01B 5/08
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