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An apparatus and method for storing and mixing components for forming a product and dispensing the resultant product. The apparatus comprises a dispensing head, a first cartridge for storing a first fluid component, and a second cartridge for storing a second fluid component. The first cartridge and the second cartridge each have a first open end and a second closed end. A first distributor provides fluid communication between the first cartridge and the dispensing head, and a second distributor provides fluid communication between the second cartridge and the dispensing head. Both the first and second distributors have a preselected effective stroke distance. A compensating assembly is also provided. A housing maintains the dispensing head, first cartridge, second cartridge, first distributor, second distributor, and compensating assembly in operative relation with each other. Upon movement of the dispensing head and housing toward each other, the compensating assembly will yield to reduce the stroke of the first distributor. Thus, the firt component and the second component are mixed in a preselected proportion within the dispensing head to form a resultant product and the product is subsequently discharged from the dispensing head.

Mixing dispenser and method of using same
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May 31, 1991
Publication Date
December 8, 1992
Jean L Bougamont
Alain Behar
Pennie & Edmonds
Societe Francaise d Aerosols et de Bauchage
B67B 7/00
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