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The system comprises a radiator, a sensor (21) fixed to the moving object, a circuit for processing the signals from the sensor in order to determine their amplitudes and a computation processor with a base of processing algorithms. The system also has a multiplexer (24) for sequentially multiplexing on one channel the detector signals from the sensor (21), a device (25) for sampling the signal coming from the multiplexer (24), of amplitude A and pulsation .omega., multipliers (30, 31) for multiplying the samples from the sampling device (25) respectively by reference signals .omega.t and cos .omega.t and accumulates (33, 35, 34, 36) for accumulating the two sums of the products of the multiplications for a period at least equal to a period ##EQU1## before supplying them to the computation processor (22), which extracts from them the amplitude A.

The systrem can be applied well to a helmet aiming device.

Signal processor circuit with signal multiplexing, sampling and multiplying for processing orthogonally received signals in electromagnetic position detection system
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September 24, 1991
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December 1, 1992
Pascal Monin
Le Taillan Medoc
Gerard Volsin
Saint Medard-en-Jalles
Rosenman & Colin
Sextant Avionique
G01B 15/00
G01B 7/30
F41G 9/00
F41G 1/00
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