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A surgical apparatus having a handpiece, a vibration source with the handpiece for generating mechanical vibrations in response to current supplied thereto, and elongated hollow tool operatively associated with the vibration source and attached to the handpiece at a point where essentially no vibrational motion occurs, the tool extending away from the handpiece to the cement to be removed. A method removing cement using the surgical apparatus by applying the tool to the cement and thereby applying mechanical vibration to the cement causing the cement to melt. Removing the cement by suction through the hollow elongated tool. Additional alternate method steps include rotating the tool to apply shear forces to the cement being removed, cooling and damping lateral vibrations at the tool end, and irrigating the cement while melting and removing it. Associated with the alternate method steps are embodiments of the apparatus including a motor for rotating the elongated tool while vibrating and a concentric tubular members for cooling, damping, irrigation and aspiration.

Apparatus and method for removal of cement from bone cavities
Application Number
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Application Date
May 25, 1990
Publication Date
December 1, 1992
David G Wuchinich
New York
Robert M Skolnik
Sonokineticss Group
A61B 17/56
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