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A display system for conventional eyewear having a transparency that defines a field of view and a frame for supporting the transparency on a user's head is shown. The display system includes a light transmissive display mounted on the frame of the eyewear and optics for collimating light to project an image of the displayed information at a distance from the user in the periphery of the field of view defined by the transparency. The optics may include a single mirror that receives the information directly from the display wherein the mirror is toroidal or the like so as to project an enlarged image at an apparent optical distance from the user that is greater than the actual optical path. Alternatively, a planar mirror may be employed with a collimating lens to project the image at a desired distance from the user. The mirror may be fully reflective or partially reflective so as to superimpose the image of the displayed information on the scene viewed by the user through the transparency of the eyewear. Further, means are provided for automatically adjusting the optical path defined by the relative position of the mirror, the display and the user's eye to accommodate heads of various sizes.

Display system for a head mounted viewing transparency
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May 1, 1989
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November 10, 1992
Kirk Beach
2411 24th E., Seattle, 98112
Peter K Purdy
4233 Phinney Ave., N., Seattle, 98103
Robert E Fischer
2060 Hillsbury, Westlake Village, 91362
Thomas A Furness
4070 Hyland Dr., Dayton, 45424
McAndrews Held & Malloy
G02B 24/17
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