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A surgical retractor for holding an incision in an open configuration comprising a compartment that has a flexible condition for placing the compartment into engagement with the tissue of the incision and a rigid condition for holding the tissue apart. The compartment contains elastically compressible beads and a fluid such as air and changes to the rigid condition by evacuating the air through the valve so that the wall of the compartment collapses to pack the beads together in a monolith of the desired shape. The compartment, which may be in the shape of an oval or an elongated tube, has a thickened portion oriented interior to the incision for preventing punctures, which carries optionally a light source such as a fiber optic bundle for illuminating the surgical area and also a suction source for evacuation of fluids, vapors, odors or smoke from the operative site.

Surgical retractor
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November 27, 1990
Publication Date
November 3, 1992
Rocklin L Hoover
Rte. 3, Box 314-X, Sumter, 29154
Michael A Mann
A61B 17/02
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