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A universal fitness testing system (10) that allows individuals to determine their aerobic fitness in 30-seconds. The system (10) functions with two inputs: the first is a set of pulse-rate digital signals corresponding to the pulsations of the individual's cardiovascular system. These signals are derived by performing a 30-second test that ultimately produces a uniform work load (14). The second input is a set of user-specific digital signals corresponding to the individual's age, body weight and sex that are manually inputted and processed by an electronics keyboard (36). The two signals are processed and conditioned by an electronics unit (18) before being applied to a microcomputer (12). The microcomputer with its operational program processes the signals to derive the individual's equilibrium heart rate (12b) that is then corrected by sex and age standards (12c) and Vo.sub.2 max standards (12d), (12e) to produce fitness scores and categories. The corrected equilibrium heart rate also produces % Vo.sub.2 max (12h) from where exercise capacity, fitness age and hiking fitness are produced.

Universal fitness testing system
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January 23, 1991
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October 27, 1992
Robert C Reibold
5849 Candlewood St., Lakewood, 90713
Esar Shvartz
3530 Marna Ave., Long Beach, 90808
Albert O Cota
A61B 5/02
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