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A container (11) for rubbish having an enclosed compartment (14) an inlet passageway formed within the walls (17) and (19) of the compartment (14), a closure (15) and an outlet passageway integrally formed within the inner and outer walls (41) and (43) of the closure (15). The inlet and outlet passageway insulate the interior of the compartment (14) by incorporating cavities (21) and (45) and are particularly arranged to produce convection current airflow whereby the inlet passageway directs ambient air from an entry port (31) externally of the compartment in an involuted manner through the walls of the compartment to a point marginally above the inner base of the compartment (14) and the outlet passageway extracts heated air from the top of the compartment interior through the entry port (47) of the closure and out through the annular exit port (49) thereof. Accordingly, ambient air is introduced to the container on a demand basis and heated air which promotes mouldering or composting is vented from the container to mitigate the same.

Container for rubbish
Application Number
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Application Date
August 24, 1990
Publication Date
October 20, 1992
Vivian J Rodrigues
141 Grand Promenade, Bedford, 6052 Western Australia
Ralph F Holland & Hart Crandell
B65D 25/00
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