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A multi-purpose pin which supports jewelry and clothing accessories to the clothing, hat or hair of a wearer. The multi-purpose pin comprises a hoop with fastening means for attaching to the clothing of a wearer. A bar divides the interior portion of the hoop into a plurality of areas, through which a clothing accessory passes to wrap around the bar, thereby securing the clothing accessory to the pin. The bar may include a horizontal and a vertical passage therethrough for supporting jewelry accessories. A plurality of bars may be provided to alter the manner in which the clothing accessory is secured to the pin. A pair of hoops may be provided to define a circumferential groove around the pin for wrapping the clothing accessory. The multi-purpose pin may be used with or without backing, or with a decorative top as an independent jewelry item.

Multi-purpose pin for supporting jewelry or clothing accessories
Application Number
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Application Date
August 3, 1989
Publication Date
October 20, 1992
Linda Bevolo
3229 Fairwood Dr., Garland, 75040
Michael F Heim
A44C 1/00
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