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A container, e.g., case or bag, has an internal compartment with an access opening that is entirely closed with a cover having a clasp that cooperates with a latch of an electronic lock carried on the container. Preferably, the cover carries a key pad on its external surface and the key pad is in circuit to an alarm system that includes a control unit, power supply, motion and/or shock detector, and an audible alarm such as a siren. Most preferably, the power supply comprises one and preferably a pair of panels of solar cells which are also located on an external surface of the top cover. The container has one or more handles which can include a shoulder carrying strap. Preferably the container is formed of a thermally insulating material so that the container also serves as a cooler for beverage cans and the like.

Secured valuable box for beach goers
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September 19, 1990
Publication Date
October 6, 1992
Eric S Johnson
318 S. Commonwealth #206, Los Angeles, 90020
Plante Strauss & Vanderburgh
G08B 13/14
G08B 13/06
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