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A Dual-Finger Vital Signs Monitor is disclosed. The present invention overcomes problems suffered by previous patient monitors by providing a simultaneous and continuous measurement of three primary vital signs: ECG and heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation. The invention employs a pair of finger cuffs that each include an electro-cardiographic electrode, a first LED and detector pair for blood pressure measurement, and a second LED and detector pair for blood oxygenation measurement. The electrodes are connected to a voltmeter which displays an electrocardiogram. The first LED and detector in each cuff function as a finger-photoplethysmographic pressure sensor. A pair of gas lines connect each finger cuff to a pair of pressure controllers, which each include a fluid reservoir. One of the servos is linked to a blood pressure meter. The second LED and detector pair in each cuff are each connected to a pair of oximeters. All the sensors operate independently. The use of two finger cuffs affords substantial advantages for signal processing and data interpretation. The redundancy of sensors greatly reduces the incidence of false warnings. The Dual-Finger Vital Signs Monitor provides a non-invasive and reliable device for monitoring patients who may suffer from cardiac or respiratory difficulties. This invention constitutes a major step forward in the filed of medical instrumentation.

Dual-finger vital signs monitor
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March 1, 1990
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October 6, 1992
Tad D Simons
Palo Alto
Jack H Wu
Hewlett Packard Company
A61B 5/02
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