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A surface sweeper may include a first pulley driven by the motor, a second pulley on a drive shaft for driving the drive wheel, a third pulley for driving the main brush, and a drive belt interconnecting the first and second pulleys which can be selectively tightened by a clutch for driving the drive wheel. Preferably the drive belt has inherent stiffness whereby it spontaneously loosens unless held in its tightened condition by the clutch. The driveshaft advantageously has two parts separated by a gap, for permitting the drive belt to be placed around the driveshaft without removing the driveshaft from its mount. The two parts may be connected by a sleeve which is biased by a spring into position for drivingly engaging the two parts, and which is slidable out of said position for revealing the gap. The main brush may have structures at its two ends that are similar to each other, for being reversibly mountable in first and second brush bearings. One of the brush bearings may include a structure upon which the main brush can pivot into and out of operating position, the other brush bearing having a lock for locking the main brush in its operating position.

Industrial sweeper
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April 2, 1990
Publication Date
October 6, 1992
John A La Boda
Fairview Park
Ostrolenk Faber Gerg & Soffen
Shop Vac Corporation
A47L 11/24
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