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A binding for a snowboard has a base, side members extending upwardly and rearwardly from the sides of the base, towards the back of the base, with an arcuate member joining the rear ends of the side members. Fastening means on one side member and on one side edge of the board at the front provide for attachment of one end of each of two straps. Fastening means on the other side member and on the other side edge serve for attachment of a locking bar which in turn connects the other end of each strap to the side member and base. Attachment means are provided in the base for attachment to a snowboard. A snowboard for use in conjunction with the binding has a forward attachment position which provides for attachment of a binding inclined in either direction as desired, that is forward and to the right or forward and to the left, as desired, at about 45.degree.. A rear attachment position provides for attachment of the binding transverse of the board. The snowboard, of elongate form, has a rounded front end and both front and rear ends curve upwardly. In plan profile the snowboard is waisted and in side profile is also arched or curved. A rim extends around the periphery of the board and at the rear, in transverse cross-section, the bottom surface has a spherical surface extending downwards from the plane of the bottom surface. The board may, or may not, have steel edges.

Binding for a snowboard and a snowboard incorporating the bindings
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July 25, 1991
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September 1, 1992
Jerome Foy
c/o 19151 Cruickshank, Baie D'Urfe, Quebec
Serge Provost
c/o 19151 Cruickshank, Baie D'Urfe, Quebec
Gad Shaanan
c/o 19151 Cruickshank, Baie D'Urfe, Quebec
McFadden Fincham Marcus & Anissimoff
A63C 9/14
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