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A protective helmet, such as a football helmet, motorcycle helmet, construction helmet, or the like comprises a shell made of impact-resistant material. Inside of the helmet is a complete transceiver system which allows two-way wireless communication between persons in the same location or to a remote base unit. No components of the system protrude from either the interior or exterior of the helmet shell as the antenna follows the configuration of the shell centerline while one or more microphones are contained within elements of the face guard. A switch device, also contained within the face guard and including an illuminated element, is disposed within the field of view of the wearer.

Protective helmet containing an integral transceiver
Application Number
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Application Date
August 27, 1990
Publication Date
August 25, 1992
John W Reed
5340 Terry Ave., St. Louis, 63120
Richard C Litman
H04B 1/10
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