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A star local-area network system comprises a plurality of data stations and a central switching unit for switching the connection between the data stations. The central switching unit comprises, a plurality of ports to which a plurality of data stations are connected, an address table in which each port has a storage area for storing the address assigned to each data station, an address registration section for entering a source address which indicates one of said data stations that generates message data and is contained in the message data received from the data station in the storage area corresponding to the port which received the data, a switch installed between the plurality of ports, for switching the connection between the ports, and a switch control section for referring to the address table, to detect the port corresponding to a destination data station specified by a destination address contained in the received data and then controlling the switch so that the port which received the data can be connected to the port to which the destination data station is connected.

Star local-area network system
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July 18, 1991
Publication Date
August 18, 1992
Masataka Tomikawa
Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett and Dunner
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
H04J 3/26
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