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A controller electrically interfaced to a video game computer or the like for the purpose of controlling a progression of the video game or the like is selectively actuated by discrete motions and forces the locations, magnitudes, and orientations of which are variably predetermined by the user. Pressure, or proximity, sensor units, normally four in number, are independently placeable upon any surface, and normally upon a floor. The signals produced by the arbitrarily located pressure or proximity sensors are received by a video game control unit and used to produce electrical signals suitable to be received by a conventional video game computer or the like for the purpose of controlling the progression of the video game. An adjustable sensor cartridge assembly for use with a video game controller allows a user to selectively position the sensor within the collar's cavity and relative to the human user. Because the spatial arrangements of the various sensors, and the selection of the forces to be applied thereto, are completely arbitrary, the user is in complete control of the nature and location and magnitude of those motions and forces that he or she must provide, at a preselected degree of difficulty, to the game controller in order to sequence the video game.

Foot-actuated computer game controller serving as a joystick
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September 18, 1991
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August 18, 1992
Renato M Openiano
P.O. Box 45156, San Diego, 92145
William C Fuess
A63B 23/00
A63F 9/00
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