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A system for predicting head movements by an aircrew member, such as a pilot flying a tactical aircraft, from input data which includes an ongoing record of head positions. The input is without head acceleration or velocity input data and is applied to a Least Mean Square prediction algorithm. The disclosure also includes an improved data dependent convergence algorithm for the prediction system, an algorithm shown to provide rapid convergence to the final prediction output. Use of the prediction system to make the delay between actually viewed and HMD presented images and other flight video images acceptable from a human engineering and disoriented pilot avoidance viewpoint is also disclosed. A computer program embodiment of the system using head movement data is included.

Helmet mounted display adaptive predictive tracking
Application Number
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June 28, 1990
Publication Date
August 11, 1992
Robert E Albrecht
5149 Mud Rd., Yellow Springs, 45387-9735
Donald J Singer
Gerald B Hollins
G02D 27/14
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