05136483 is referenced by 424 patents and cites 11 patents.

An illuminating or light emitting device for use as a headlamp, a signaling lamp or other lamp for shining light in a beam or otherwise. It comprises as its main parts a generally flat transparent illuminating element with a circumferential edge in which a plurality of light emitting elements such as LED's are set. The edges are provided with an inwardly reflecting layer. The front side of the illuminating element is in the form of a light radiating surface, while the rear side is completely covered with an inwardly reflecting layer. Such an illuminating device may have a very flat overall shape, has a low current requirement and has a large homogeneous radiating area. It more especially lends itself to use on vehicles.

Illuminating device
Application Number
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August 28, 1990
Publication Date
August 4, 1992
Winfried Scheid
Ringweg 14, 7333 Ebersbach
Karl Heinz Schoniger
Barbarossastr. 40/6, 7300 Esslingen
McGlew & Tuttle
B60Q 1/00
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