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A preform cutting element for a rotary drill bit for use in drilling or coring holes in subsurface formations includes a cutting table 12, 13 of superhard material such as polycrystalline diamond. The rear face of the cutting table is bonded to a substrate 11 of less hard material, such as cemented tungsten carbide. A front portion 12 of the cutting table comprises a form of superhard material which is less wear-resistant than the superhard material forming the remainder 13 of the cutting table. The provision of the less wear-resistant superhard material at the front cutting faces reduces the tendency of the cutting table to spall.

Cutting elements for rotary drill bits
Application Number
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August 3, 1990
Publication Date
August 4, 1992
Thomas A Newton Jr
13711 Cricket Hollow, Houston, 77069
Browning Bushman Anderson & Brookhart
E21B 10/46
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