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Gasification, slagging, melting, and vaporizing components of waste materials and reactive carbon fuel, in variable proportions, at low pressures, using oxygen and steam reactants, effects very high temperatures, producing syngas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide), molten slag and molten metals. Integration provides steam and electricity from cogeneration plants. Thermal separation of coal-methanol suspensoids, delivered by pipeline, provides reactive carbon fuel. Methanol produced from cleaned syngas and ethanol produced by corn fermentation are blended, some gasoline or diesel fuel and other additives are used, safer, cleaner-burning, cost-competitive automotive fuels are produced. Light-weight, rock-like nodules (aggregates) and rock wool are produced from slag. Recovery of metals effects optimum recycling. Some metals are produced by reducing reactions. Ethanol coproducts combined with corn, other grains, alfalfa, molasses, minerals and vitamins, provide superior feeds for ruminant animals. Byproducts of syngas cleaning are recovered and marketed. No remaining solids, no disposal problems.

Processes and means for waste resources utilization
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February 28, 1991
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August 4, 1992
Austin N Stanton
1501 N. Cedar St., Bonham, 75418
Leonard J Keller
1501 N. Cedar St., Bonham, 75418
Geoffrey A Mantooth
F23B 7/00
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