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Apparatus and methods are disclosed for transmitting and receiving auxiliary data in addition to regular audio broadcast programs including musical selections and announcements. The auxiliary data includes musical selection identification such as title, artist and album name. Receiver circuits are disclosed for displaying the auxiliary data, for selecting and storing the data along with a portion of the musical selecting which it identifies, and for recalling the stored data and musical selection portion. Transmitter circuits are disclosed for transmitting the auxiliary data without using the SCA portion of the broadcast band. Also disclosed are apparatus and methods for automatically generating the auxiliary data using a compact disc player.

Apparatus and methods for identifying broadcast audio program selections in an FM stereo broadcast system
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February 19, 1991
Publication Date
July 28, 1992
Roy J Mankovitz
18842 Kilfinan St., Northridge, 91326
Roy J Mankovitz
H04B 1/16
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