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A subterranean drill bit operable with a rotational drive source is provided for drilling in subterranean earthen materials to create a borehole having a borehole wall. The drill bit comprises a drill bit body having a base portion, a gauge portion and a face portion disposed about a bit axis. A plurality of diamond cutting elements are fixedly disposed on and project from the face portion and are spaced from one another. The cutting elements are disposed for causing a net radial imbalance force during the drilling along a net radial imbalance force vector substantially perpendicular to the bit axis. A substantially continuous cutter devoid region is disposed on the gauge portion about the force point, and a bearing support is disposed in the cutter devoid region about the force point for substantially continuously contacting the borehole wall during the drilling. The cutting elements are positioned to cause the net radial imbalance force to substantially maintain the bearing support in contact with the borehole wall during the drilling, to cause the net radial imbalance force vector to have an equilibrium direction, and to cause the net radial imbalance force vector to return substantially to the equilibrium direction in response to a disturbing displacement.

Low friction subterranean drill bit and related methods
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July 10, 1990
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July 21, 1992
Suzanne M Behr
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L Allen Sinor
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Tommy M Warren
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Fred E Hook
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