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A panoramic image based virtual reality display system includes a panoramic optical assembly, preferably of substantially spherical coverage, feeding composite optical images to a light sensitive surface of a video camera for storage or further processing in image processing circuitry. Such image processing circuitry includes a special effects generator and image segment circuitry to divide a composite image into a plurality of image segments or sub-segments for display on individual displays of multiple video display assemblies. Such a multiple video display assembly preferably includes a closed structure having individual display units mounted in all viewable directions therein, with segments of the composite image displayed on respective display units to recreate the panoramic view gathered by the panoramic optical assembly. The image processing circuitry may also select a portion or portions of the composite image for display on one or two displays of a head mounted display unit.

Panoramic display system
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March 29, 1990
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July 14, 1992
Kurtis J Ritchey
26374 Tonganoxie Rd., Leavenworth, 66048
H04N 7/18
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