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A wireless, real time video system provides a low power video transmitter wherein the base band video signal generated by the video camera directly modulates a radio frequency carrier signal to produce a very narrow band transmitter signal that is transmitted through a circularly polarized patch radiating antenna to a receiving antenna at a remote receiver site. The transmitted signal is picked up by the receiver antenna to be passed through a narrow band preselector filter to a low noise amplifier. The amplified signal is then applied to a mixer along with a fixed local oscillator frequency that is demodulated to reconstruct the original base band video signal for use in operating a video monitor or recorder connected by hard wired cable to the receiver unit. Both the transmitter and the receiver employ a phase locked loop and narrow ban filters to confine the transmitted signal and the receiver response within a very narrow frequency band to optimize the transmitter efficiency and prevent generation of and interference from extraneous signals.

Wireless real time video system and method of making same
Application Number
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July 25, 1990
Publication Date
July 7, 1992
Philip D Fancher
Channel Islands
Nilsson Robbins Dalgarn Berliner Carson & Wurst
Wireless Technology
H04N 7/18
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