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The invention discloses a portable clutch purse style coupon-holding device indexed to an actual store's aisles, and having a listing of items and their respective aisle locations in an on-board store directory. The user files coupons under the aisle division that corresponds to the product's aisle location, so that later, while shopping, when one finds the product on an aisle, one may retrieve that coupon under that aisle's related division within the device. The store directory has a transparent overlay on top of it whereupon one may compile a shopping list. While shopping, by referencing the location of the items marked on one's shopping list in the store directory visible below, the shopper may determine which aisles must be shopped and which may be skipped. The dividers may have advertisements for products sold on that division's related aisle; and such advertisements serve the dual-purpose of giving the user graphic cues showing whether the device's rotating leaves are turned to the appropriate aisle division. A special receptacle is tethered by a connector to the coupon-holding device so that it may easily be used for storagte of coupons for products selected, while shopping, until the shopper reaches the cashier.

Coupon organizer indexed by aisle numbers, having store directory and advertising to direct shoppers
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December 20, 1990
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July 7, 1992
Rick Lamphere
8 Upper Pandora Ct., Telluride, 81435
Judith W Lamphere
17 Greenleaf Dr., Exeter, 03833
Gary W Lamphere
17 Greenleaf Dr., Exeter, 03833
William H Lamphere
254 Main St., Whitesboro, 13492
B42F 21/00
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