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Computer-assisted methods and apparatus for selecting and matching learning tools that possess developmental value with the individual characteristics of a child are disclosed. Commercially available products consisting of toys, games, books, and allied learning materials are analyzed and the data relating to the personal traits required to use the product, educational value of the product, learning value of the product, instructional variables required to use the product, and the description of the product is entered into and stored in a computer system. Information concerning a child's sensory learning style preferences, hobbies and interests, academic conditions, medical conditions, social habits, emotional attitudes, and nutritional habits is entered into the computer system. The system compiles the child data into a report. The system also matches the child data with the product data and a list of preferred products is produced from which parents select appropriate learning tools for the child.

Method and apparatus for automated learning tool selection for child development
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October 22, 1990
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June 16, 1992
Leslie S Minkus
1243 Selwyn La., Buffalo Grove, 60089
Welsh & Katz
G06F 15/00
G06F 15/22
G06F 15/38
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