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A method and apparatus for use by a surgeon to repair a weakened, deranged portion of the anatomy of a patient comprising a sheath having a distal end positionable within a patient and a proximal end positioned exterior thereof for manipulation by a surgeon, the sheath being of a length to extend from exterior of a patient through a laparoscopic opening into a surgical cavity of the patient; a prothesis movable from interior of the sheath to a location adjacent to the deranged portion to be repaired, the prothesis having an elongated passageway located adjacent to the periphery thereof; and an introducer positioned within the sheath and having a distal end coupled to the prothesis, the introducer adapted to effect the movement of the prothesis from interior of the sheath to exterior thereof and to expand the prothesis to a functionally expanded orientation adjacent to the part to be repaired.

Hernia repair apparatus and method of use
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August 19, 1991
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June 16, 1992
Mark A Eberbach
4232 Winding Willow Dr., Tampa, 33624
Dominik Stien Saccocio Reese Colitz & Van Der Wall
A61F 2/00
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