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A dual take-up reel device (10) is disclosed which includes a dual reel spool assembly (27) having a pair of winding hubs (29) axially secured together and separated by a main spool disc (28). An arcuate cord slot (31) is provided in main spool disc (28) for centrally attaching a flat tape cord (11) around winding hubs (29). Dual reel spool assembly (27) is rotatably held and encased by first and second main housing halves (13) and (19). The two ends of flat tape cord extend outward from the housing through first and second cord slots defined by first and second cord slot defining notches 59a and 59b and 60a and 60b. A flat coil spring (48) is attached within its own casing and between dual reel spool assembly (27) and second main housing house (19) via spring locking key (51) and radially biases dual reel spool assembly (27) about its axis to retract any slack in flat tape cord (11) into the housing and around the reels on dual reel spool assembly (27).

Dual reel cord take-up device
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June 4, 1990
Publication Date
May 19, 1992
Edwin L Wheeler
5105 Tinker St., Boise, 83709
Edwin R Peterson
1647 Sendero La., Boise, 83706
Ken J Pedersen
Craig M Korfanta
Frank J Dykas
B65H 75/48
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