05113938 is referenced by 80 patents and cites 8 patents.

A well tool includes a whipstock in conjunction with an inflatable packer for use in the open hole. A pivotal joint between the whipstock and packer allows the whipstock to pivot relative to the packer and springs bias the whipstock into an angled relation relative to the packer. A setting tool connects the whipstock and packer in a rigid straight line position while the tool is being run into the hole. Drilling fluid can be circulated through the tool. When the packer is set and the setting tool is removed, the whipstock pivots relative to the packer against the side of the open hole. This allows the hole to be sidetracked from the low side of the hole.

Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
May 7, 1991
Publication Date
May 19, 1992
Charley H Clayton
P.O. Drawer O, Ingleside, 78362
G Turner Moller
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